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Unique Funeral Products in Montreal

3D-Effect Funeral Monuments

At Monuments Charles Vincent & Fils, we offer a selection of granite structures and granite or glass centrepieces. Our two-glass models feature a three-dimensional effect that is created by superimposing two inter-related drawings. This results in an incomparable 3D effect. The level of personalization for this type of monument is unequalled on the market.

Elegant and Long-Lasting Commemorative Products

Our products are extremely durable and resistant to the various elements that occur in cemeteries. The monuments are made from safety glass, and are treated with a self-cleaning product. We use ¾”-thick glass that is treated to reinforce impact resistance. This glass does not turn yellow, melt or break by itself, and is resistant to many types of impact, as is the case with granite monuments.

Glass and granite have very similar properties, including longevity. Experts believe that certain glass bowls that have been discovered in the Middle East are approximately 4000 years old.

Made in Québec

We offer you these new products in order to provide you with the best selection in Québec, along with options that are not available anywhere else. These products are made exclusively in Québec using superior-quality materials and granite.

We also offer glass engraving and sculpting services for shower doors, separators, trophies and promotional articles.

Do something special to mark the location where those who have touched your life are laid to rest. Contact us for more information.

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